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Pacific Private Bank is a full-service bank founded in 1997 and registered in Vanuatu, an international financial centre in the Pacific. Its geographical, economic, tax and legal environment is favourable for foreign investor capital protection.
Our focus is to provide services to wealthy private clients from around the world. Specialised in wealth and asset management, the bank develops and offers tailored investment solutions. By providing personalised private banking services we are able to accommodate the individual objectives of every customer.


Our philosophy

Guided by a strong belief of building long-term value through commitment and responsibility we are devoted to providing professional service to each of our clients. Our primary responsibility is to ensure safe and nurtured growth of wealth, taking into account the specialised financial needs of every client.
Based on the principle of independence, our business has a strong stance against external influence. As a management owned company, we are not pressured to pursue short-term gains. Our long-term view for the development of the bank allows us to set our standards high to commit to integrity and responsibility.
Our professionalism and devotion to cater to our clients’ interests is directly exercised by both our management and staff. Experienced specialists are dedicated to carefully understand personal situations and provide suitable specialised advice. We believe this to be a prerequisite in building a solid and trustworthy long-term partnership.
Looking beyond the immediate future enables us to maintain a modern approach. We provide innovative financial services to sophisticated private clients. Our aim is to be highly perceptive to our clients’ needs and exceed requirements through tailored service.

Our team

As a team of highly experienced banking professionals, we focus on being valuable to our clients by providing tailor-made solutions. Our involvement in all stages of activities provides us with a full understanding of our clients’ wishes and allows us to leverage our abilities for them to be fulfilled. Through our broad expertise and network of professionals we work to provide full service and achieve all your financial goals.

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Compliance begins at the top. At Pacific Private Bank we emphasize on standards of honesty and integrity, and our board of directors and senior management lead by example. Everyone within the bank is engaged in complying with the highest standards when carrying on business. We strive to adhere to the letter and spirit of the law at all times.

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Mr. Mantas Staliūnas | Chief Commercial Officer
Private bank specialised in wealth and asset management, servicing clients from around the world
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About us
About us
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