Asset Management

With a commitment to satisfying the specific needs of individual clients, we offer specialized asset management solutions. We help our clients better identify opportunities and understand the risks in volatile markets.

Strategic partnerships with world leading financial institutions, foundations, and fund management companies allow us to make it easy for our clients to access proprietary solutions and exploit a wide array of investment ideas.

We provide advice on selecting and managing assets, ranging from equities and bonds to more specialized investments such as hedge funds and private equity.

Tailor-made portfolios

We hand-craft investment plans involving multi-asset investments, strategies, and asset classes. Each portfolio is suited to individually identified and defined needs regarding risk tolerance and investment timeframe.

Bonds and Equities

Our Bonds and Equities specialists utilize their extensive experience to provide a range of strategies that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients’ portfolios.

Structured investments

Through the use of a wide range of strategies, including global, regional, and country-specific factors; we meet varying return, risk, and liquidity objectives.

Mutual funds

We professionally manage funds that invest in main asset classes with a range of active and passive investment strategies.

Strategy mandates

We have a discretionary investment mandate for clients willing to delegate the management of their asset portfolio to investment professionals.

Hedge funds, private equity, and real estate funds

Alternative investment portfolios are offered to complement conventional benchmarked strategies. These portfolios allow a wider range of activities and more flexible strategies.

Other solutions
we offer include:
Eimantas Kazlauskas | Managing Director
A private bank that specializes in wealth and asset management, servicing clients from around the world
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Asset Management
Asset Management
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